Copywriting Questionnaire
Help us understand your business and customer so we can better craft your copy.
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Thanks for taking this questionnaire.

Your answers will help us write clear copy for you. Copy that clearly defines who you are, what you do, and why you're different. Copy that will resonate with you ideal customer and move them to do buy from you.

Can you please define your project?

When will you be ready to get started?

When do you need this project completed?

Is there a hard deadline by which materials must be delivered?

Have you worked with copywriters or content writers before?

What is your budget for this project?

Who will be our single point of contact?

How many people at your company will be involved in this project?

If multiple executives or teams are involved, who has final approval?

Will we be interviewing people outside the company?

Who will come up with the topic(s)?

May we see your existing marketing materials?

Are you happy with your current marketing materials?

Will what we're going to write be used with your existing materials?

Who, specifically, is the target audience for what we will write?

How much can you tell us about this audience?

What are the most important problems facing this audience?

Have you done any market research on your customers?

How, specifically, does your product or service help solve their problems?

Can you provide us with five descriptive words that define the values you’d like us to convey about your company?

Who are your major competitors, and how is your company different?

How will the copy we write for you be distributed?

Are you looking for a graphic designer on this project?

Do you have any multimedia needs for this project (e.g. video, audio, illustrations, slideshows?)

What is your preferred method of communication?

What is your expectation of our availability?

Are you looking to lock down our time exclusively?

Does this project require a nondisclosure agreement?

Will we be allowed to use this project as a sample or case study in our portfolio?

Will you provide us with a testimonial when the project is complete?

Are there any restrictions on who else we can work for in your industry?

What is your payment method?

How soon can you get us a 50% advance payment to get started?

We expect the balance 50% of the contract value to be paid within 15 days of handing over finished work. Is this ok with you?

Our fee usually includes two rounds of rewrites. Does that work for you?

The cut-off date for this contract will be 30 days from the project starting date. If, for any reason, we turn in completed work and don't hear back from you, after the cut-off date all work is considered finished and your payment is due. Is this okay with you?

When do you need our proposal?

Are you meeting with other writers or agencies?

If you’re considering turning us down based on price, could you let us know so we can consider rebidding?

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